This CD gets 5 ATTABOYS. That's five stars for folks not from the SOUTH!
Butch (Billy B)Triplett

I just can't believe that this is Jim's first CD! His voice brims with personality and the songs cover a range of stories, moods and styles.
"Hideaway Homeplace" is my favorite - I have one of my own and this song makes me feel like I'm there. What a treat this is!
Jessica Potter

I usually don't pay too much attention to song lyrics, but these songs just stay with me....short & sweet !
Karen Schneider

I cried listening to “When They Heard the Waltz.” Jett’s music touches my heart. My Carolina is “feel good” all the way ~ sometimes ‘til it hurts!
Jolee Blankenship

With that characteristic "Merle Travis Thump" on several of the tunes, combined
w/tasty song-craft, excellent musicians & the mix to match, this CD entails
the "coolest" set of Carolina/Americana music that I've heard since "I don't
know when." Like good Southern style cookin', this is very-fine listening
that will "stick to your ribs" !
Michael "Diamond" Thompson

I love the Southern short story and this album is the music version.
Jim White

It's a fine piece of work that will give enjoyment everywhere it goes. I think I'll go play it again.
One Wild Bill Jones

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